Who we are


Mission and Purpose Statement

As a global grassroots movement embodying Oneness with a profound respect for cultural diversity and responsibility for all of life, Humanity’s Team is dedicated to raising consciousness through living our individual lives with purpose, each being a loving presence, and serving through authentic leadership. As spiritual activists, we are united in our passion to awaken society to Oneness as a community of joyful, loving, peaceful, and harmonious beings. By our conscious use of the 5 Steps to Peace and our involvement in local good works, we pledge to transform the face of humanity in one generation.

Oneness Statement

Oneness is the energy of Love that lies within and connects all of life.  The universe in one being and we are its cells; all essential and responsible for the whole.

Introduction and History

Humanity’s Team South Africa is the South African chapter of a World Wide volunteer Spiritual Movement (A Civil Rights Movement for the Soul) that was founded early in 2004 in Boulder Colorado by Steve Farrell who became the Worldwide Coordinating Director.  Together with a small team he formed a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization and created a governance structure and programs focused on awakening the world to Oneness.  Today, Humanity’s Team is represented in more than 150 countries on six continents. Humanity’s Team was founded based on the idea that almost all of our common challenges are as a result of our incomplete views about God, Life and one-another.

Humanity’s Team proposes a Spirituality that enlarges and enhances humanity’s current beliefs in ways that could change how we live with each other, bringing peace and harmony to our planet at last.  This Spirituality is an expansion of all our present theologies; an updating of them; a refreshing of them, rendering all of our current sacred teachings even more relevant to our present day and time.

Key to this Spirituality is a belief that God is not separate from anyone or anything — and neither are we.  Humanity’s Team’s core principle is We Are All One.

Since Africa is considered to be the Cradle of Mankind – whilst honouring and celebrating Oneness as it is found in all cultures, traditions and religions – Humanity’s Team South Africa has felt particularly called to play a part in the reclaiming and promoting of uBuntu – I am because we are as Africa’s ancient gift of Oneness to the world since we were found in South Africa in 2005 by Anna-Mari Pieterse who also became the Country Coordinator.

Humanity’s Team has developed to offer the following:

Annual Spiritual Leadership Awards, Global Internet Presence, Global Oneness tours and events, weekly and monthly free of charge virtual Conference Calls with world-acclaimed leaders, Global Oneness Declaration, Annual Global Oneness Day on 24 October (since 2010) that coincides with United Nations Day and that is celebrated through the annual virtual Global Oneness Summit that attracts approximately 20 000 people from all over the world.

On 20 May 2010, Humanity’s Team delivered 60 000 Global Oneness Declaration signatures to the former Undersecretary-General and High Representative of the United Nations, Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury who urged the celebration of Global Oneness Day.

Other programs and activities include Sacred Activism; Inner Work & Communities Support; Spirituality in Action;  Prayer, Intentions & Meditations; Study Groups; Blessing e-mails sent globally to friends, family, political leaders, faith tradition leaders, and the media; Community Outreach; annual Living in Oneness Summit and Oneness in Twelve Spheres of Life initiative.

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Highlights in the history of Humanity’s Team South Africa

  • 2007 Around the World in Oneness event at UNISA in 2007
  • Oneness Summit 2009…. Awakening the Spirit of uBuntu at Freedom Park that included the Spiritual Leadership Award for Archbishop Desmond Tutu
  • Two Whole-in-One Golf-days in 2007 and 2008… awakening Oneness/uBuntu in Twelve Spheres of Life
  • Annual Global Oneness Day celebrations
  • Participation in the annual global Oneness Summit through panel discussions on uBuntu; showcasing South African uBuntu thought-leaders
  • Humanity’s Team has been playing a leading role in getting a National uBuntu Day declared in South Africa since end 2009 as the chair of the National uBuntu Day Action Group (NUDAG) in 2010 and launched their uBuntu Month (July) programs in 2013
  • 2013 Launch of the Walk for and uBuntu Conscious South Africa – I Am because We Are initiative in honour or Mr Nelson Mandela, in respect for our First People the KhoiSan and in partnership with Freedom Park
  • 2014   –   26 July:uBuntu Indaba – Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory.  Reflections of uBuntu Legacy of the late Mr Nelson Mandela by:  Dr Brigalia Bam, Advocate George Bizos, Advocate Thuli Madonsela and Mr Vusi Mchunu
    –          27 July:  Posthumous Spiritual Leadership Award for the late Mr Nelson Mandela – Freedom Park.  Part of second annual Walk for an uBuntu Conscious South Africa – I Am because We Are event
    –          28 July until 2nd August:  Second hosting of Global Council Meeting by Humanity’s Team South Africa – Protea Hotel on Kruger Gate

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