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HUMANITY’S TEAM DAILY INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE FOR YOUInspiration We are on a mission that we consider very important. We desire to renew and restore our connection with God and with each other.

Some people say that restoring this connection — indeed, that even talking about such a connection — is inappropriate. Others don’t want to talk about God at all. Still others who do want to talk about God speak of a God who is angry, oppressive, demanding, judgmental, punishing and violent.

We believe there is another way. This other way is to celebrate a God who loves us unconditionally and who supports us in everything we do — a God who’s needless, non-judgmental, non-condemning, non-punishing, ever-changing and Everywhere Present.

We love this God and choose to express this love — to God, to Humanity and to all of Life — by living our lives as demonstrations of our highest and grandest beliefs, rather than as denials of them.

If this evokes a feeling of shared emotion or belief with you, then please join with us.

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