October 2016


The Grassroots Theme for Global Oneness Day 2016 is: See the Divine in Life. Standing in the shoes of ‘the other.’

Up to now, we have done very well to understand, appreciate, and live in partialness, separation, alienation, fragmentation and isolation. This is evident in the ongoing wars, violence, greed and poverty in the world.

Now we find however, that there is an actual stage of development that reverses this condition, and in which we are looking at all of the separate parts of life in such a way that we actually feel ONE with ‘the other’.

When we manage to truly stand in the shoes of ‘the other’ our own brokenness is healed. And our own wholing or healing goes along with the Wholing and Healing of the other and the whole world.”

As we enter ‘Global Oneness Day Season, you may want to visit the Get Involved page of the Global Oneness Day website for a list of ideas of what you can do leading up to and on Global Oneness Day itself, to make the theme for this year a Reality.
Over the course of the next weeks, let’s share in the excitement and ideas here and on the Global Oneness Day Facebook Page.


With just about 20 days to go to Global Oneness Day, this is the perfect time to start thinking about your Global Oneness Day celebrations! Humanity’s Team South Africa encourages people from across our country to get together around a Oneness/uBuntu table on either Saturday 24 or Sunday 25 October as we remember and celebrate Who We Really Are!

If you would like to host/organize such a casual gathering we would like to know about it so we can help you promote your event and together with you raise the Oneness energy in South Africa. Humanity’s Team South Africa has created a general Eventbrite event page for hosts to register their free Global Oneness Day 2015 Oneness/uBuntu Table event. Please visit Eventbrite for the basic guidelines and then, be in touch with us so we can share the details of your gathering… no matter how big or small.

Global Oneness Day is always like some amazing wedding! Come join us – it is all free of charge and help us bring Oneness right into YOUR community!

I look forward to be in touch. With


Global Oneness Day 2016 Theme Activity for Children: “Seeing the Divine in Life. Standing in the Shoes of the ‘other.’

What an amazing lesson on empathy! In this activity, students volunteer to choose a shoe box to open and put the shoes on from the box. A written scenario inside each box tells about the person who wears the shoes. Based on the information given, the student hasto “put themselves in that person’s shoes,” identifying how that person might feel. The class then suggests ways we might show compassion to the person in the shoes.

For more ideas, inspiration and activities, please follow the Humanity’s Team ‘In the shoes of the ‘other’ Pinterest Board.


One of the panel discussions that you can choose from on Global Oneness Day is: “Empowering Communities.”

This panel is made up of some of the best of the best in the world when it comes to Empowering Communities. You are in for great inspiration and a WHOLE lot of hope and love with this discussion!

Do join us:
speaker-1David Gershon, co-founder and CEO of Empowerment Institute (based in New York) and one of the world’s foremost authorities on behavior-change, community empowerment and large-system transformation, and applies this expertise to issues requiring community, organizational, and societal change.dumisani-magadlela

Dumisani Magadlela, African Skills Development Specialist, Certified Executive Coach, ABCCCP Master Coach, a Mentor, Trainer of Coaches, International Leadership Development Facilitator, and uBuntu thought-leader. Dumi is based in Johannesburg South Africa.

speaker-3Gavin M Andersson, director of the Seriti Institute, a professional training and coaching organization
based in the Johannesburg area in South Africa whose mission is to strengthen community organizationanna-mari-pieterse
for social health and local economic development. Gavin is highly respected for making real difference on the ground!

Anna-Mari Pieterse, Country Coordinator for Humanity’s Team in South Africa who sees herself a humble student of the unfolding process of Life/Love.

To register is free of charge: click here.

We see you there!

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