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ubuntu-768x359Together with talkUBUNTU, a project-driven social media learningubuntu-keepers-logo-200-px-png enterprise designed to build creative partnerships between Schools, the Business- and Industrial Sector as well as Civil Society (Social- and Developmental Organizations), Humanity’s Team South Africa is in the process of creating an uBuntu Keepers initiative with the aim to develop a critical mass of uBuntu Keepers.


In his book God has a Dream – A Vision of Hope for our Time, and specifically in the chapter God’s Dream, Archbishop Desmond Tutu calls on us to become God’s partners in realizing our Oneness.  He invites as to know that we are all members of one human family in which there are no  outsiders – only insiders, including that which and those who we deem to be ‘the other’, who are different to us, and who we may not agree with.   Archbishop Tutu reminds us that we are created in such a way that we need each other to make it through life and that we are made for companionship and for relationship.   And even though we may have the most incredible individual gifts, there is no self-sufficient person.  We are set in a delicate and Sacred network of interdependence with our fellow human beings and with the rest of the Creation.  This reality has been known and lived by the people of Africa since ancient times through our uBuntu – I Am because We Are.  This quality of who we are determines the quality of our relationships and whatever we create in life, and this quality is only attainable through the heart.  “Before one can love ones neighbor/the other, one must first love one-self.” ~ Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

The highest praise that an African would give someone is to recognize his/her uBuntu:  “Hey, so and so has uBuntu.”


Ngi nobuntu – I have uBuntu

Yu, u nobuntu  – You have uBuntu

Yena u nobuntu –he/she has uBuntu

Si nobuntu – we have uBuntu

Ba nobuntu – they have uBuntu


Kena le botho  – I have uBuntu

Wena ona le botho – you have uBuntu

Yena ona le botho – he/she has uBuntu

Rena le botho – we have uBuntu

Bana le botho – they have uBuntu

The initiative that sits in the forefront of the Humanity’s Team South Africa’s uBuntu Civics Academy will include an uBuntu Pledge, uBuntu Declaration as well as a short course and a call to action.