Walk for Ubuntu

WALK FOR AN UBUNTU CONSCIOUS SOUTH AFRICA – I AM BECAUSE WE AREubuntu month 4The Humanity’s Team South Africa Walk for an uBuntu Conscious South Africa – I Am because we Are event was launched on 29 September 2013 as the highlight of National Heritage Month, in honour of Mr Nelson Mandela, in respect of the First People of Africa – the KhoiSan and in partnership with Freedom Park. From this moment forward, this annual event is held as the highlight of Humanity‘s Team South Africa’s annual uBuntu Month programs.



The Heart is the symbol for The Heart is the symbol for Love, Openness and Oneness, whilst the uBuntu Vision and the Torch are both symbols for Consciousness, Light, our Highest Being and our Highest Potential

I Am because We Are

With our eyes sharply focussed on our magnificent essence we see the open heart of the people of South Africa, all of humanity and the whole world as one unitive beating impulse.  We are coming home to peace and prosperity for everyone.  We are coming home to the love; gentleness; kindness; honesty and trust; respect; consideration and cooperation; abundance; true community; and the happiness and the fulfilment of our uBuntu and our Oneness in all spheres of life. 

We see our-self, ‘the other,’ and all of Life in a new Light and uBuntu and our Oneness as the eternal Vision for our country and the whole world.

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  • To provide a space in which people can engage with our uBuntu and our Oneness and recognise it in them-selves and in their own culture.   We are raising the consciousness for this reality and I Am because We Are – bringing it to the heart of the people of South Africa.
  • To play a role in developing a critical mass of uBuntu-Keepers
  • To assists the Government of South Africa in their aim and commitment to achieve social cohesion and nation-building – to transform and build a caring and proud society based on shared values and a vision informed by the principles of uBuntu
  • Since uBuntu is enshrined in the Constitution of South Africa, this event is always an opportunity to reflect on our Democracy and Governance
  • To play a role and contribute towards the revival of the respect for our Spiritual Cultural Heritage and our Indigenous Knowledge and Symbols
  • It is an opportunity for people to contemplate on and to announce their own Vision for their own lives, their community and that of Society at large
  • It is an opportunity for people to experience uBuntu in nature whilst in active Communion with one another
  • It is a space in which people and organisations can explore, share and display their uBuntu in Twelve Spheres of Life, under the umbrellas of:  Arts; Economics; Education; Environment; Governance; Health; Infrastructure; Justice; Media; Relations; Science; and Spirituality. As such it also plays a role in the manifestation of uBuntu on the ground and aims to play a facilitating role in Connecting the Good
  • It plays a role in ensuring that uBuntu at last regains the recognition that it must

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